OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — The Oakland Police Officer’s Association is trying to bring attention to the city’s Department of Violence Prevention and the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland, or MACRO.

The Department of Violence Prevention and MACRO are two separate non-police response programs. Both were established to reimagine public safety using non-police response models.

“The premise was to reduce funding to the police department to the tune of $18 million dollars and transition it over to these non-police responses. A laudable goal but unfortunately the money seems to have moved over but none of the calls have,” said Barry Donelan, President Oakland Police Officer’s Association.

Donelan is questioning the number of non-violent calls for service taken by MACRO. He said in the month of August Oakland Police Department’s 911 dispatch received 60,000 calls for service.

According to Donelan, of the 60,000 calls for service MACRO took 19. “They took 19. They netted. They responded to 19 calls for service. There’s more than 20 in a month when you’re receiving 2,000 calls for service a day,” said Donelan.

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According to information found on MACRO’s website, one of the intended outcomes is redirection of MACRO-identified 911 calls to an alternative community response system. Donelan said that does not appear to be happening.

“These are residents that need help. They need a police officer. We’re just struggling. We’re struggling to make it to them. We’d appreciate the help but we’re not seeing it. Not seeing from these programs that the city’s invested in, and we’re just asking, ‘Where are they?” added Donelan.

“For those who don’t think we’re doing anything, I want them to come spend a day in the life in between the gun. That’s where we live,” said Kentrell Killens, Direct Service Coordinator, Oakland Department of Violence Prevention.

The Department of Violence Prevention is Oakland’s other non-police response service. Unlike MACRO, DVP deploys violence interrupters like Kentrell Killens directly to violent scenes, with a focus on preventing retaliation killings. He said DVP has been very busy responding to each of the 8 homicides over the past week.

“Every last one of them. I want to say there would be a lot more shootings, and a lot more homicides if there were not folks on the ground working. For example, last Monday there was the incident of 31st and Telegraph. That was the double. 45 minutes after that incident, they had to go to east Oakland, to the other female. Even this weekend there were multiple incidents where they are going from one incident to the next,” said Killens.

KRON4 reached out to MACRO and they released the following statement:

“Prior to the linking of 911 calls with MACRO team members in august, crews had been doing “On-view” responses; whereby MACRO crews proactively identify individuals who they observe to be displaying signs that may prompt a 911 call, essentially getting ahead of emergency issues by engaging with that person, checking their respective physical and behavioral status, and at times learning what services they may need.