LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As time ticks to the start of “Storm Area 51” events this weekend, officials are gearing up from Las Vegas to Lincoln County. However, organizers warn no one really knows what to expect. 

“It’s pretty groundbreaking,” event producer Frank Dimaggio told 8 News Now. “It’s bigger than Hiko. It’s bigger than Rachel. “It’s bigger than Las Vegas.”

Dimaggio described an idea turning into a world-known reality as he worked with Matty Roberts. The 20-year-old started the “Storm Area 51′ Facebook page back in June as a joke. Anyone can conquer it’s become anything but that. 

“There’s a lot of stress and fighting over it,” Dimaggio said. “But I think this was all spawned from curiosity and fun.”

Now, with the fake-out turned festival less than 48 hours away, people across Lincoln County are prepared for thousands of visitors. Bands started setup Wednesday for stages at “Alienstock” in Rachel, Nevada and “The Area 51 Basecamp” celebration in Hiko, Nevada. 

Companies like Budweiser and Arby’s are even getting in on all the alien fun with special labels and secret menus. 

While some are overwhelmed with excitement, Dimaggio told 8 News Now he and Roberts are no longer making the trek up north, but celebrating in Las Vegas on Friday. 

“You can’t do it at the last minute like this,” Dimaggio said of the planned events.  “It’s better just to try to do it at a time when you can facilitate all these things.”

He hopes anyone planning to take on extraterrestrials Saturday and Sunday is aware of any possible issues.

“The bigger it gets the more potential for hazards,” Dimaggio added. “The more potential for something bad happening. Just be responsible and use your judgement. “

As 8 News Now reported last week, an attorney for Matty Roberts did send a “cease and desist” letter to an innkeeper in Rachel, Nevada, trying to pull the plug on planned events. 

We’ve also been in contact with The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department. They’re of course going full steam ahead with their preparations. 

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