(KRON) — One man was arrested after leading police on a chase and causing a collision, according to a Facebook post from Hayward Police Department.

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Traffic officers attempted to atop a car for an equipment violation, but the driver evaded them while traveling at a high speed. The driver proceeded to run red lights in an apparent attempt to avoid being pulled over, says the post from HPD. The police did not want to risk causing a collision, so they did not chase after the car.

Moments later dispatchers received reports that there was a solo car crash close to a mile away from the traffic enforcement zone, and several people ran from the scene. The officers responded to the scene and found it was the same car, according to the Facebook post.

One occupant of the vehicle was found close by and treated for injuries sustained in the collision. Two handguns, both loaded, were discarded nearby. One of the guns was reported stolen. After officers completed the investigation, a man from the car was arrested for possessing a stolen firearm. No bystanders were involved in the collision and no one was hurt.