A woman is shaken up after a cyclist in Berkeley followed her for several street blocks then shattered her windshield with his fists.

She says the road rage incident started after he claimed she drove too close beside him.

The woman says the attack happened on University Avenue near Jefferson Avenue in Berkeley.

The victim filed a report with police immediately after, claiming the cyclist told her “you’ll remember me” before he beat her car. Now, she wants everyone who sees his picture to remember him too.

Chesaray Banda says she passed the man on a bike driving down Sacramento Street in Berkeley on Monday night at around 6 p.m. when he grew enraged claiming she almost hit him.

“I was very aware I didn’t hit him,” road rage victim Banda said. “He was fine, and I literally passed him for a second and that was literally enough to trigger him to follow me to work.”

She says he followed her for about a mile to University Avenue where she parked her car. That is when he began punching and kicking. 

Her windshield is now shattered and the side doors are indented.

“From his bike and him kicking over and over again and screaming at me,” Banda said.

Two witnesses came forward to try and stop him.

“He’s like hitting the top of her car,” witness Corissa Casarez said. “I watched him smash his fists on her windshield like two or three times. There’s a serious crack in her windshield that I didn’t see when it was happening. He kicked her car two or three times. And the reason why I even got out of my car is because he reached his hand inside her car window and I saw her jump.”

Banda says she’s still coping with the trauma.

“I’m still trying to process a male that large following me and then coming at me hostilely like he did,” Banda said.

Banda wants people who may recognize the cyclist to come forward to police with information because she doesn’t want anyone else to fall victim to that kind of road rage.