ONLY ON 4: East Bay mom gives birth in car while stuck in traffic on I-880


After sitting in traffic for hours on Saturday, an East Bay woman ended up giving birth right in her car. 

Cassandra and Tyler Seale were headed to the hospital for their son’s birth when the couple hit unexpected traffic on Interstate I-880 that was caused by a drunk driver. 

“Call 911, call 911, I feel his head,” Seale recalls the moment she knew the baby was coming. 

“The next thing I know, he just starts coming out,” she said. “I was on my hands and knees on the passenger side, I caught him.” 

Shockingly enough, Seale stayed calm as her maternal instincts kicked in. 

“The cord was wrapped around his neck three times, so I pulled it off and then just pulled him up to me,” she says. 

Traffic was so severe, it took paramedics 20 minutes to get to the couple, but once they arrived, medics finished what Seale started. 

Seale said, “They helped me get out of the car into a gurney, and from there they had the placenta and put that on the gurney with me.” 

The couple says the arrival of their baby boy is a blessing because they struggled to get pregnant. 

“When his cord was wrapped around his neck, I felt like oh my gosh, we came all this way then this happened, and I just kind of had a little breakdown because I just feel so lucky, and everything is so healthy with him,” Seale says.



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