SAN JOSE (KRON) — A neighborhood is on edge in the San Jose after a fire broke out at a homeless encampment right behind a family’s home.

Now, one family tells KRON4, they’ve had enough.

“I was really worried about my baby because we got her after 9 years of struggle and she’s really precious for us.”

Inderjeet Singh, his family, and neighbors are concerned about the homeless encampment behind their homes.

When they closed down the jungle on Story Road, they went all over the city.

Singh says Sunday night, a homeless person came banging on his door while he was feeding his newborn baby.

“I tried to put water on the fence but almost like three sections, gone,” he told KRON4.

This wasn’t an accident. You can see someone lighting the propane on fire. Within minutes, the entire fence was blazing. Everyone inside had to run out and find shelter in their vehicles.

“We just left and stayed in the car for about two to three hours. It was a scary moment for us.”

Firefighters were able to get the fire under control, but now most of the fence is gone and the Singh family will have to pay out of pocket to fix it.

They tell me at least half dozen other fires have happened within the last couple of months.

Neighbors tell me the land behind their homes is private property, but no one can get in touch with the owner.

So in the meantime, the homeless encampment continues to grow.

KRON4 is told the city should be doing a cleanup the first week of December, but like all the other fires, neighbors here fear the homeless encampment will return.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON  >>>