PITTSBURG(KRON)—In the East Bay, a racist banner posted on a home is causing uproar in the community.

KRON4’s Alecia Reid spoke exclusively with the homeowner who says it has nothing to do with the presidential election and everything to do with the struggle he’s been dealing with for nearly a decade.

A controversial banner was hung on the side of Alonzo Parker’s home.

In the photo, he’s standing with a noose around his neck.

At a time when tensions are high, that is a resonating feeling in the neighborhood.

The 75-year-old says the latest sign was ripped down by a group of young men, but he claims the banners are not in reaction to the presidential election.

“Some of the neighbors claim they were afraid because I was protesting,” Alonzo said.

Instead, this is a personal protest in response to the court system that he says failed him after his older brother died of pancreatic cancer 8 years ago.

“When you sign documents, these are the only rights that I have is to sign documents to protect my money,” Alonzo said.

Even with a taped recording from George stating his relief that all his affairs will be in order after his death.

It became complicated after he passed away. The two share a joint savings account and joint deed on a house. But because George didn’t have enough time to make a will, Alonzo is now out more than $50,000 in court and lawyer fees.

“This is why I put up the sign because no one would help us,” Alonzo said.

The homeowner has been showing his frustration for years, with a number of different signs.

Each time, police takes them down.

“They came and just ripped them off,” Alonzo said. “They took my signs that I own. They never returned them. They just took them and threw it away.”

In addition to everything Alonzo is dealing with, he gets fined every time he posts a presumably racist banner on his property.