FIRST ON KRON4: Girl violently assaulted on Dublin High School campus after racial slur


DUBLIN (KRON) -- A young girl is the victim of a violent assault on her high school campus in Dublin.

She suffered multiple injuries to her head and face. The incident occurred after she overheard several male students using the "N-word" and asked them to stop.

The student and her parents want her attacker removed from campus.

They tell their story first to KRON4.

"I was coming from a class, and I heard someone in the corner using the N-word and I turned to tell him not to say that," said the 14-year-old girl, who did not want to reveal her identity.

And then it happened.

The Dublin High School student says she was assaulted on campus by a white male student who objected to her asking one of his friends to not use the N-word.

"I told them that language was very inappropriate, and so I said I am going to report this to a campus supervisor or someone with authority who can tell them that this is wrong."

But before she could do that, something shocking happened.

"I get grabbed by another student defending the person who said the N-word," the girl said.

Her parents are outraged.

"Justice would be expelling that young man from campus," the victim's father Kenny Grant said.

The victim's mother agrees.

"Justice would be having removed from the school," the victim's mother Vivian Grant said.

The victim's parents want the Dublin Unified School District to take make that happen.

"It's a violent crime, she had to defend herself," Vivian said. "She didn't fight back. She chose not to because she thought that might not be the best thing to do, but there is an element of fear because I know she is still hurting."

Kenny wants to see the school's policy change.

"I would like for there to be a no-tolerance policy on using the N-word," Kenny said. "I don't care what color the student is."

Officials at the Dublin Unified School District say any language that degrades racial identity is not tolerated.

"It is not tolerated in Dublin schools, and we address each issue when it comes up on a case by case basis," district spokeswoman Michelle McDonald said.

While student privacy prevents officials at the Dublin Unified School District from commenting on a student being involved in a fight or using the N-word on campus, officials did say that it would take some prior history of doing either of those two things to be expelled from school.

"I want the school to remove the student from campus because he may do something like this again, maybe not to me, but to somebody else," the victim said.


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