SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A violent St. Patrick’s Day brawl outside a San Francisco nightclub on Friday was caught on camera.

The video, only seen on KRON4 Monday night, is from the city’s North Beach neighborhood.

In the video, multiple scuffles seem to break out between at least two groups of women. Police rush in to break it all up.

People who live and work in the area say the problems are getting worse.

Many are blaming one new business in particular.

The nightclub is called Hue. The crowds have been huge over the past couple of months.

Neighbors say it’s just one fight after the next and it has to stop.

The video shows women going after women outside the Hue lounge and nightclub in San Francisco.

Dozens of officers from around the city responded to what appeared to be a complete mess early Saturday morning.

Surveillance video was given to KRON4 exclusively by those in the area who are concerned, saying this has become a weekly thing–fight after fight.

This was recorded just after 1 a.m. after a day of St. Patrick’s Day partying.

The video shows fights outside the front of the club and fights in the side alley of the club.

At one point, a number of women try to get back into the club, but by that time officers were there, you can see as one woman is pushed to the ground, then pushed away by another woman.

Another angle, another fight, as a woman is thrown against a police car.

Officers tell KRON4 that while some may have been detained on Friday night, no arrests were made.

Neighbors are scared to talk on camera out of fears that violence could be directed at them. In fact, at one point in the night, a woman was in such bad shape she had to be carried out of a back alley.

It is a site that many who live and work in the area say needs to stop.

Here is a statement from the nightclub:

We appreciate your interest in Hue Lounge & Nightclub, which is the most popular and best- run nightclub in San Francisco. We have the tightest security in town and the best entertainment. Any allegations that there are problems in the community or the neighborhood caused by Hue Lounge & Nightclub are completely untrue. If you would like to experience Hue Lounge & Nightclub, come out this weekend for the parties and the music and see for yourself. This Saturday we are celebrating Fox’s hit show Empire with a Season Premiere Party, with cast member Bryshere Y. Gray.