“Our voices matter”: Alameda students walk out of class to fight climate change


ALAMEDA (KRON) — More than 40 students from Encinal, Alameda and Island High Schools in the City of Alameda hit the streets, rather than attending class today.

The students were demonstrating for elected officials locally and nationwide to address climate change is worth the unexcused absence.

“It shows that we care, we have a voice. My voice matters — our voices matter, and we will make a difference,” said one of the student organizers, Olivia Brune.

The students are in support of what’s called the Green New Deal, a package of economic stimulus programs that would help fight climate change.

“We can’t afford to waste time. We have less than 12 years to fix this problem, and if we don’t do anything, a lot of us are going to be affected in extremely negative ways, and if that’s not death or injury, then it’s going to be refugees coming and knocking on your doors,” said another organizer, Emma Kohler.

Kohler and Brune helped organize this march and rally and are both are freshman at Encinal High School.

The students walked to Crown Memorial State Beach, then Crab Cove, picking up trash and other harmful debris — showing their commitment to saving the planet.

The mayor of Alameda also attended.

“This Tuesday at the City Council meeting, the Council will be considering, and I’m guessing will pass a resolution in support of the climate emergency declaration, because we take this very, very seriously,” said Mayor Marilyn Ezzy.

The students believe climate change is to blame for rising sea levels, and a rash of natural disasters and, even though they’re too young to vote — they say demonstrations like this make a difference.

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