SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — For the first time in three months, Bacco restaurant in San Francisco’s Noe Valley is doing more than just dinner to go — outdoor dining is now available.

“I’m very excited,” Bacco owner Shari Dominici said. “Sent out my email yesterday, I got a great response everyone is calling me and all these tables out here are already booked.”

The push for outdoor dining began early at Plow in Potrero Hill.

“We love it here,” one customer said. “We are always coming on Tuesday early in the morning as early as we can because we love this place, my favorite place.”

The mayor spotlighted the reopening by visiting cafe envy in the Bayview.

“We are fighting to support and save our small businesses in San Francisco and I am grateful we can at least do this and there is more that I want to do,” Breed said.

Outdoor dining reopening guidelines were only issued Thursday night, causing some restaurants to complain about not having enough information to reopen, or the needed permits to use sidewalks and parking spaces for tables as Cafe Envy has.  

“Don’t stress over the fact that the city has not done its job in moving fast enough,” Breed said.

But the mayor indicated restaurants should move forward with or without guidelines and permits.

“Use common sense, do your best and try to be patient with us and don’t stress out about what the city is doing, we are here to help you. We want you to succeed,” Breed said. “We are not going to come around and give you  a citation we will try to talk to you and work with you through this process.”

The mayor moved up the timeline for outdoor dining by a few days. She says she wants to do the same thing for hair salons, bars and indoor dining but at this point she doesn’t have a date for any of that. 

Another setback for restaurants to reopen for outdoor seating, there’s apparently a glitch in the city’s shared spaces application process that is not issuing temporary liquor licenses that allows businesses to serve alcohol outside.

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