(KRON) — Over 70 dogs were adopted in Oakland over the weekend, following a story reported by KRON4 last week about an overflow of large dogs at Oakland Animal Services. All told, there were 90 adoptions over the weekend including 18 cats and 72 dogs, according to a statement provided by Oakland Animal Services to KRON4.

“On Thursday, we had over 100 dogs available for adoption and every dog kennel was full,” Ann Dunn, director of Oakland Animal Services told KRON4. “Over the weekend, we had 90 adoptions, including 18 cats and 72 dogs.”

Last Tuesday, the agency announced that its shelter was at full capacity for dogs and was looking for homes for large dogs in particular. In order to help facilitate adoption of the animals, the shelter extended its hours and reduced adoption fees.

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The public apparently answered the call and now most of the animals have found homes.

“We saw an incredible outpouring of support from Oakland and beyond,” Dunn said.

Anyone who is still looking to adopt a pet can visit the shelter at 1101 29th Ave. in Oakland. You can also visit the OAS website.