OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — An East Bay biking group held a solidarity ride on Sunday after fellow cyclists were targeted in “dooring” attacks. Organizers say hundreds of cyclists came out to support the event.

The Roll Out Crew hosted the ride after drivers targeted cyclists in the East Bay. At least four members of another bike club in the area, the East Bay Bike Party, were injured in the attacks. In several of the attacks, drivers would pull up close to the cyclists while a passenger opened their door in an effort to knock the cyclist off their bike, also known as “dooring.”

The Roll Out Crew is a bike club founded by Oakland native Demorea “Truckie” Evans. The club began as a way to connect with others during the pandemic, “It was a great way of gettin everybody outside, where we can social distance while at the same time have a little fun and get some healthy exercise,” Evans told KRON4.

After the attacks in the East Bay against members of the East Bay Bike Party, Evans felt the need to get a group together as quickly as possible. “We have to get back outside immediately. We can’t allow them to believe or think that they can keep us off our bikes, or out the streets.” he said.

He emphasized that he wanted a peaceful way for his group to show their support. He believes over 800 bicyclists came out for the ride.

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Evans says that every ride his group has taken has been a positive experience, and Sunday’s ride was no exception. He tells KRON4 one of the best parts of Sunday’s ride was just how diverse the crowd was. “It was a beautiful showing of regardless of your background, we all rolled as one. That’s what the people saw, they saw one big family of bikes…” Evans said.

Evans hopes that more people will get out on their bikes, and he invites everyone to join his family friendly group for rides. He encourages everyone who heads out on a ride to meet someone new and grow their connections in the community.