HILLSBOROUGH (KRON) — The owner of the so-called ‘Flintstone House’ invited the media onto her controversial property as she gets ready to countersue the town of Hillsborough.

The town says the additions she made were done without permits and has turned the quirky house into an eyesore.

KRON4 got an up close look at what the town of Hillborough says is a ‘Yabba Dabba Don’t’.

They filed a lawsuit last month saying the huge statues of dinosaurs, colorful mushrooms and many other additions made to the landscaping were done without permits or design review and are not consistent the town’s community standards.

The homeowner’s attorney, Angela Alioto, filed a demur today saying the town should be suing homeowner Florence Fang’s LLC rather than her personally.

Alioto also announced her plans to countersue, saying the town of Hillsborough is violating her client’s first amendment rights of freedom of expression, among other things.

Fang who bought the home in 2017, claims she was told she didn’t need a permit for her landscaping and that since the lawsuit she’s been contacted by many supporters charmed by the quirky home seen mostly by commuters whizzing by on Interstate 280 since it was built in the 1970s.

“This house needed somebody to care,” Fang said. “I take care of the house, I make the house life again. I make Flintstone life again, I make American’s good memory life again.”

They were joined by the home’s original architect who endorsed the additions.

“We’re not a cookie-cutter society [and] why the city officials try to make us cookie cutters and we’re not that America,” said architect Mark Hudak. “If it’s anything, it’s for freedom of expression.”

The attorney representing the town called Fang and her attorney’s claims nonsense.

“If we let her do a project like this without permits, then somebody else in town that want to do their project without permits and say will ‘you let Mrs. Vang do it, why do I have to get permits,’” the city’s attorney said.

Fang’s attorney is not specifying the amount of money she’s looking for in damages from this countersuit and says this is not about the money, but about freedom from harassment.

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