(KRON) — BART service is suspended on the Yellow Line between Pleasant Hill and Concord stations due to a partial derailment of a train in the area, according to a tweet from BART Tuesday evening.

Service between Pleasant Hill and Concord stations is suspended in the SFO direction. BART said the opposite track is not damaged and trains will run towards Antioch.

Riders in the area will need to take a bus between those two stations, and BART reports that bus lines 11 and 14 will accept BART tickets as fare. Riders heading towards Antioch are currently being asked to disembark at Pleasant Hill.

The bus service will continue through the end of the night. On Wednesday morning, BART “anticipates at a minimum offering our riders service that is reduced to one track through the incident area.”

Contra Costa Fire units are on scene putting out spot fires that occurred after the derailment, according to a tweet from the agency.

In a later tweet CCF stated that all passengers that had been on the derailed BART train have been safely removed from the wreckage. BART’s media hotline noted that approximately 50 riders were safely removed from the train.

CCF EMS units evaluated passengers for minor reported injuries. Four passengers were taken to the hospital to get further treatment.

The last two cars of the 10-car train came off the tracks around 5:30 p.m. BART officials told KRON4 that heat played a major role in the derailment, causing a curve in the rail.

About 70 BART workers responded to the scene to get the affected train out of the way and to repair the trackway. They will continue to work throughout the night, BART officials told KRON4.

“We likely will not get that track back in service by 5am but the opposite track is not damaged and trains will run on it,” BART said in a tweet.

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