SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Dancing the night away is how passengers on board a cruise ship passed the time.

The 30-day cruise started in Singapore, but was rejected at port after port to dock because of coronavirus concerns.

Christina Kerby, from Alameda, is onboard with her mom.

“It’s been something quite different,” Kerby said.

The more than 1,400 passengers and 800 crew members got turned away by Thailand, Guam, Japan and the Philippines.

“So certainly there has been the emotional rollercoaster of where we are going to go next,” Kerby said. “In general morale has been very good around the ship, people have come to get together to go with the flow and be flexible and resilient it has been wonderful to witness.”

Instead of sightseeing across Asia, passengers stayed on board and took yoga, spin classes, enjoyed the buffett — and danced. 

“We are not sick we are not confined to our rooms,” she said. “We are sitting by the pool having meals together having fun.”

Cambodia has finally accepted the cruise ship.

Before disembarking, all passengers will undergo a health screening.

And then the cruise line will carter flights to get everyone back home. As room service arrived with hot coffee, Kerby told KRON 4 News she has no regrets.

She actually enjoyed her trip, spending time with her mom and making memories. 

“You say trapped, but it is not a terrible way to spend time,” she said.

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