SAN MATEO COUNTY (KRON) — Rescue animals with medical or behavioral issues will soon have a new home.

The Peninsula Humane Society and the SPCA just purchased 261 acres of land in the La Honda area in unincorporated San Mateo County.

The land will become an animal sanctuary.

This sanctuary will be a place for animals to live their very best life who otherwise would have no place to go.

The 261 acres will be fenced in and have small house-like enclosures for animals who likely can’t be adopted due to medical or behavioral issues

Ken White is the president of the Peninsula Humane Society and the SPCA.

He says they’ve been looking into building this sanctuary for five years and now, it’s becoming a reality.

“We get more animals who come to us sick or behaviorally messed up than animals that come to us healthy,” White said.

The sanctuary will be home to hundreds of dogs, about a thousand cats and farm animals too who will have the opportunity to live out their very best life.

It’ll be another 12-18 months before the sanctuary opens up.

Right now they are designing the site and beginning construction.

White says the sanctuary is fully funded by donations.