LEHIGH COUNTY, PA. (WTNH) – A 14-year-old girl and her much older boyfriend were charged with murdering the girl’s mother, after police say she wouldn’t allow the two to date.

Police say 54-year-old Cheryl Silvonek, of Upper Macungie Township, Pennsylvania, was found dead on March 15th after being stabbed multiple times in the head, neck and torso.

The Morning Call reports that her daughter, Jamie Silvonek, watched on as her 20-year-old soldier boyfriend Caleb G. Barnes, stabbed her mother to death. A probable cause affidavit, reported by The Huffington Post, reveals that the killing was prompted by her mother’s refusal to allow the 8th grader to date Barnes.

Police also discovered several incriminating text messages from the young Silvonek to Barnes. According to the Huffington Post, the texts read:

“She needs to go, Caleb.”

“Right now. You don’t understand.”

“I love you. We can do this. We’ll just drive her car then, right?”

There were even texts of Silvonek attempting to lie to her mother about Barnes’ age, reading:

“Caleb if [my mom] asks about your age say 16 and a half again, and that the reason you said 20 is you are used to lying about it to fellow soldiers in the army to avoid harassment so when you’re in stressful scenarios it just comes out.”

Police say the killing happened in the Silvonek’s driveway after an argument broke out while the three of them sat in the car. After the murder, Silvonek and Barnes allegedly drove to Walmart for bleach, gloves and rubbing alcohol to clean up the crime scene, before driving to a wooded area to bury the body.

Ray Werley, a man who lives in the area of where they drove, was woken by his dog when he saw the suspicious car and looked inside it while the couple was burying. He then called police.

“I grabbed a spotlight and I could see down across the road was a vehicle facing the wrong way. I seen all the blood in it. It was smeared on the passenger-side window like there was a fight, like there was a struggle. It was drops all on the dash and all over the seat. And the car was locked,” Werley told the Morning Call.

Police traced the car back to Silvonek’s home, where they found Barnes and Silvonek together in bed. Police say Barnes admitted the killing, before both were arrested and charged with homicide and conspiracy. Silvonek is being charged as an adult.

Barnes, who was on a weekend pass from Fort Meade, was also charged with abuse of a corpse and statutory sexual assault.

Silvonek’s attorney said that despite the text messages, Barnes was the “primary leader and manipulator” and “he’s the adult.” He also said Silvonek is “just crying for her mom, saying she misses her mom.” Adding, “this is a child, who just turned 14. She’s in shock.”

Silvonek’s father, was also at the home and was asleep the whole time. He told police he did not know about his daughter’s relationship with Barnes.