People are apparently blaming Beyoncé for Beto O’Rourke’s loss to Ted Cruz

beyonce and beto

Democrat Beto O’Rourke on Tuesday suffered a loss to Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race. 

After his defeat, he caught waves by dropping an unapologetic F-bomb in his concession speech. 

“I’m so f—–g proud of you guys,” he said, prompting the crowd to cheer on louder. 

But now that that’s all said and done, some people are looking to point fingers and blame someone for O’Rourke’s loss. 

Cue Queen B.

Beyoncé, who was born in Houston, took to Instagram on Election Day donning a “Beto for Senate” hat, urging her fans to get out and vote for O’Rourke. 

“We can’t voice our frustrations and complain about what’s wrong without voting and exercising our power to make it right,” she wrote to her 119 million followers. “We need you.”


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Fans didn’t take Sasha Fierce’s “little too late” post very kindly. 

“Beyonce was TRASH for posting that late a– Beto announcement. I SAID IT,” one person wrote. 

“Why does Beyonce swoop in at the last minute and endorse the right candidate when it’s too late? (She did it with Hillary and now with Beto). Speak up when it’s early enough that your voice can do something or sit down. It’s lame. (I STILL LOVE HER)” another said. 

“Beyonce was a little late supporting BETO, I feel like she could of had a massive impact if she would of done something for him sooner,” another said. 

Others felt differently about the turnout of events. 

“Stop trying to find a scapegoat for why Beto didn’t win… So what if Beyonce posted late? If her posting sooner would’ve changed the vote that’s really sad considering all the campaigning during this election,” one person said. 

“Don’t yell at Beyonce for coming out this late in support of Beto. Yell at people who aren’t voting at all,” another chimed in. 

What are your thoughts? 



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