OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — A person was arrested after punching a police officer during an Oakland sideshow Sunday night, the Oakland Police Department said. The suspect is facing multiple charges, including battery on a police officer.

The sideshow took over several intersections on 82nd Street between MacArthur Boulevard and Ney Avenue, police said. It involved 100 vehicles and 200 spectators.

The officer was punched when trying to intervene on a fight between two people. The person who threw the punch was arrested and the officer’s injuries were treated.

When officers attempted to stop the sideshow, people in the crowd fired automatic weapons in the air. There were no reports of anyone being struck by gunfire, police said.

Officers towed more than 12 vehicles but did not locate any firearms. Anyone with information about sideshows is asked to contact OPD at sideshowtips@oaklandca.gov, or (510) 777-3333.