(KRON) — Santa Cruz Wildlife Emergency Services received a call Monday from a Santa Cruz Mountains resident who’d had a raccoon chew through their roof and get stuck there. The homeowner also sent a photo of the raccoon to the agency.

Realizing that time could be critical, emergency services staff instructed the caller on how to safely push the raccoon through the hole so that it wouldn’t suffocate. With proper instructions and help from construction workers, the homeowner was able to free the raccoon safely, the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter told KRON4.

This is a photo of a raccoon stuck in a roof
Santa Cruz raccoon stuck in roof

“Luckily this mama raccoon survived,” said Santa Cruz Animal Services in a social media post.

The raccoon, a mother, was safely reunited with its babies and is currently living in the home’s roof where it will apparently remain for the time being. The homeowner has been instructed on how to slowly use repellants in the coming days to encourage the mother raccoon to safely and humanely move out of the home with he babies, although they apparently do not want to kick her out too soon.

“Not that the mama raccoon is back safe with her babies, Wildlife Emergency Services will help the citizen set up a repellant barrier to safely and humanely have mama and her kids move along to a more appropriate home,” the Animal Shelter’s social post went on to say.

This kind of behavior is not typical of raccoons, animal services tells KRON4. But it turned out the raccoon had babies in one of the house’s vents that was being repaired. While these types of occurrences are rare, they do occur and Animal Services encourage anyone who encounters an animal in such circumstances to contact the Humane Wildlife Control Association.