PHOTOS: Dogs rescued from Korean meat farm arrive in Santa Cruz, seeking names!


SANTA CRUZ (KRON) — Four dogs rescued from the Wonju dog meat farm in South Korea have arrived at the Santa Cruz SPCA safely and are awaiting medical workups, including spay/neuter, before being placed into their foster homes.

The dogs were flown into the San Francisco International Airport where they were temporarily cared for by Pet Express Animal Transport until the Santa Cruz SPCA representatives arrived to finish the last leg of their global journey.

All four dogs traveled well and arrived alert and seemingly curious of their new surroundings. The first steps outside of the crates were tentative, their toes splayed apart due to life spent walking on bars, but each pup quickly began to roam their small yards, noses to the ground, taking in the new scents and sounds. Human interaction was limited; however, two of the dogs allowed petting and leashing soon after their arrival.

The dogs will be cared for at Bed and Biscuits, a local boarding facility located next to the Santa Cruz SPCA, until their vet appointments on Tuesday. After their exams and spay/neuter, each dog will be placed into a foster home where work begins on special socialization and training with the help of Mardi Richmond, owner of Good Dog Santa Cruz.

The rescue of these four dogs, which include a Tosa Inu, a Husky mix and two Korean Jindos, are part of a much larger effort by animal welfare organizations to bring international awareness to the Korean dog meat industry in advance of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, as well as the Bok Nal days of summer, the time of year in Korea when large quantities of dog meat ‘boshintang’ stew, are consumed.

As an Emergency Placement Partner with Humane Society of the United States and its affiliate, Humane Society International, the Santa Cruz SPCA was contacted to join this international mission to save lives and immediately responded.

The Santa Cruz SPCA will be documenting and sharing the progress of these animals as they begin their journey towards becoming treasured and well-adjusted family members. Arrival photos have already been shared on the Santa Cruz SPCA’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you would like to help, you can make a tax-deductible donation via the Santa Cruz SPCA website, by mail to PO Box 3800 Santa Cruz, CA 95063 or by phone at (831) 465-5000. If interested in joining the SPCA foster team, email or call (831) 465-5000.

Now that all four dogs have arrived and settled in, Santa Cruz SPCA wants to introduce them to the community and inviting the public to help them name each dog.

Santa Cruz SPCA wants to find the perfect namesake for each dog that screams, “I’m living the Santa Cruz dream!”.

The public is encouraged to leave name ideas in the comment section and the person who’s name is selected will win a SCSPCA T-shirt!Today SCSPCA is introducing this bronze beauty!She is a 3-years-old Tosa Inu, or otherwise known as a Japanese Mastiff, weighing about 100 pounds.Her breed is described as commonly displaying patience, composure, boldness, and courage.While her transition from one world (a South Korean meat farm) to another (a loving home in Santa Cruz) will take some time, her breed traits are shinning through. She took a trip across the Pacific Ocean and arrived ready to play ball–literally. One of the first things she did after stepping out of the crate was locate, lick, and nudge a nearby ball toy…repeatedly.She has a very gentle and kind way about her that is paired with an unexpected goofiness, reminiscent of an uncoordinated puppy.She is not too sure about what people have to offer but she has recently decided that the food from our hands tastes better than food from the bowl or ground.

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