TRACY, Calif. (KRON) — A driver in Tracy got a bit of a surprise on Tuesday, but the California Highway Patrol was not surprised at all.

The driver of the Ford pickup truck was traveling on Kasson Road when they came across “Road Closed” signs. According to CHP, the driver headed past the signs and crashed their truck into the large sinkhole.

Just five days ago another car crashed into the sinkhole after ignoring the road signs. The Volkswagon’s entire front end appeared to be crushed by the collision.

Volkswagon into sinkhole on Jan. 26 (Photo courtesy of CHP)

The agency reminded the public that road signs exist for a reason, “This was 100 percent preventable. There is no excuse. The signs are clear, visible, and unobstructed,” CHP wrote.

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Drivers who ignore road closure signs are subject to a citation. CHP reminds citizens to “turn around and find a different route” when them come across a road closure.