BUTTE FIRE (KRON) — The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is caring for a mountain lion cub that was found badly burned in the Butte Fire earlier this week.

The three- to four-months-old kitten was found Monday by volunteers evacuating domestic animals in the area of Blossom Lane near Mokelumne Hill in Calaveras County. It was recovered with burns and singe marks on the pads of its paws and around his face, according to the department.

“The young cat was walking but appeared to be emaciated and injured. The volunteers were able to capture it without much difficulty,” the CDFW said.

The lion kitten was taken to a local veterinary office and was later transported to CDFW’s Wildlife Investigation Lab (WIL) in Rancho Cordova to be evaluated.

“Due to its injuries and fragile condition, its prognosis is guarded at this time,” the department said.

Burns on its paws were treated, along with possible eye injuries that will need to be monitored. At 9.1 lbs, the mountain lion kitten is underweight and fragile. A state veterinarian will continue to carefully monitor its health and recovery, the CDFW said.

The wounded cub was rescued amid an out of control blaze that has killed two people and charred 70,760 acres across Amador and Calaveras counties.

As crews continue to battle two massive wildfires in Northern California and volunteers set out to evacuate animals, the CDFW is reminding the public to leave wildlife alone.

“If you feel an animal is in distress, please call your regional CDFW office,” officials said.