Pile of 70 dead coyotes found near NC neighborhood


North Carolina residents made a startling discovery near a neighborhood in Charlotte—70 to 80 dead coyotes piled in a heap, WBTV reported. 

“It was a really gnarly site. Smelled really bad,” said Mark Liebner, who found the coyotes. “At first it looked like a whole bunch of deer or raccoons or something. But we got closer and closer and it was just literally a pile of just dead coyotes.”

Liebner called police and wildlife officers responded to the scene. Investigators believe the suspect is from Rowan County and got the coyotes from a large hunt. 

“It wasn’t just Mecklenburg County where this came from,” said wildlife enforcement Officer Sampson Parker. “Several different counties so far that where these coyotes came from. It looks like one individual got a hold of all these coyotes and unfortunately just made a bad decision to dispose of them not properly.”

WBTV reports that the property where the coyotes were found is owned by the city of Charlotte. 

“There’s a gate there and the gate is locked at all times and the only people who have keys to it are the city workers,” said Liebner.

When asked how someone would be able to access the property, a city spokesperson said: “Since, the wildlife commission is leading this effort, we’re going to defer questions to them.”

“There was a gate and that is something we’re unsure of how he was able to get back in there. That’s still under investigation,” Parker said. 

Parker said he plans to meet with the District Attorney’s office next week to discuss filing charges against the suspect, who was not named. 



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