Pinky, the bottle nose dolphin spotted again in Louisiana ship channel


LAKE CHARLES, LA (WCMH) — A rare dolphin named “Pinky” has been spotted again swimming in a Louisiana shipping channel.

According to David Sonnier, Pinky was seen again, Tuesday, in the Calcasieu Ship Channel, while crews were doing a hydrographic survey. Sonnier posted the video of Pinky on his YouTube channel. 

That waterway in Louisiana connects Lake Charles to the Gulf of Mexico.

Pinky was last spotted just over a year ago, on August 5, 2017. 

Some experts said the dolphin may be albino, but others have a different idea.

Senior Rescue Biologist Kerry Sánchez from the Clearwater Marine Aquarium said it may have to do with genetic variation.

“So what they get from mom and what they get from dad means they can look a little bit different than that perfect image we expect,” Sánchez said.

However, even with genetic variation, Sánchez said, these pink dolphins are very rare.

“Seeing an animal that is extremely light in color is not something we would normally expect to see. And in my full time here, we’ve never seen an animal that looks like that,” Sánchez said.



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