COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Police are trying to identify four people involved in a violent robbery that started with a posting on the ‘Plenty of Fish’ dating website.

According to Columbus police, it happened on December 11 while four people were hanging out with two women that one of the men met on the ‘Plenty of Fish’ website.

Police said the two women were there for five minutes before saying they had to leave. A couple minutes later, they knocked on the door and said they forgot their phone chargers.

When one of the men inside opened the door, police said he was rushed by two men. One of them pointed a gun and took cash. Police said the same suspect pulled a woman out of the shower and punched her in the face while demanding cash.

Several shots were fired when one of the suspects thought one of the victims was calling the police.

Police have released photos of the woman in the original ‘Plenty of Fish’ posting in an attempt to identify the suspects.

Anyone with info on this case is asked to contact Det. Mark Paul in CPD’s Robbery Unit at 614-645-3951 or OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: