FAIRFIELD (BCN) — Five people were arrested on suspicion of petty theft when each tried to steal a bicycle in a sting to curb the large number of bike thefts in Fairfield recently, police said.

Officers arrested 56-year-old Broderick Warfield of Fairfield on suspicion of petty theft and violating probation.

Officers also arrested 34-year-old Rashad Champion of Fairfield on suspicion of petty theft and outstanding warrants, according to police.

Both residents were booked into the Solano County Jail.

Three others were cited and released by officers.

The sting was conducted with an undercover officer riding a bike to a local business where the officer parked and went inside, police said.

Another officer watched to see whether someone tried to steal the bike. If a person tried to steal the bike, more officers responded and detained the suspect.

Police said people who have their bike stolen not only lose a belonging but also may be losing their only mode of transportation.