MORGAN HILL (KRON) – Surveillance video shows a man calmly snatching a couple of packages from the front  porch a north Morgan Hill home recently.  

The video surfaced as police were investigating reports of empty Amazon boxes in the streets says Sergeant Bill Norman.

“That was his thing was driving around nicer neighborhoods looking for residents that don’t appear to be occupied. No cars in the driveway, or lights left on,” said Norman.

Another security camera captured the thief’s license plate number and police then traced the vehicle to San Jose where they arrested 26-year-old, Than Vo, who was in possession of the stolen package.  

Hats off to the police says resident Kelli Hebert, “I mean it’s kind of horrible because a lot of people work hard to provide their family with presents and just to get it stolen is unfortunate.”

Police have stepped up patrols in the area where packages are left outside front doors every day.  

Police want the porch pirates to know that some of those packages are not what they seem to be.

Sergeant Bill Norman from Morgan Hill Police said, “We’ve put out bait packages and tracking devices and hope to capture one of these individuals doing what they’re doing.”

Police said Than Vo is also a suspect in several other recent package thefts and recovered electronics and other stolen property that is now being returned to the owners. 

Video doorbells and surveillance cameras are common in the Capriano neighborhood.  

Steal our packages at your own risk says Kelli Hebert, “We communicate way more now and we keep an eye out for each other. If we don’t recognize that person, we say something.”