FLORIDA (KRON) — Florida police said that a man who was arrested for allegedly shining a laser pointer at motorists will also be charged with smuggling contraband into prison after a bag of marijuana fell out of his rectum while during a search.

According to police, a woman called police to report that someone shined a laser at her face while she was driving. The suspect had pointed the laser at several other vehicles while his girlfriend drove the car, police said.

When officer’s stopped the couple’s car and asked the woman if she knew why she was pulled over, she said, “Because Jesse was shining the laser light at people and I told him not to.”

Jesse Roepcke, 27, told officers he didn’t know it was illegal and that he “was just having fun.” Officers later found a device for smoking marijuana on Roepcke.

Roepcke was arrested and taken to the Volusia County Jail.

While he was being searched at the jail, a deputy told him to cough, and that’s when a plastic bag containing 18 grams of pot fell to the floor.

Roepcke has been charged with pointing a laser light at a driver, possession of paraphernalia and other related drug charges.