MARINA (BCN) — Officers with the Marina Police Department and employees at a Marina Target store promptly helped a man after his bike was stolen in the city earlier this week, police said Sunday.

On Thursday, the Marina resident had reported that his bike was stolen in the 200 block of Reservation Road, according to police.

The victim told officers he relied on his bike to get to and from work.

After hearing this, officers decided to get together and purchase a new bike for the victim, police said.

When officers went to the Target store at 133 General Stilwell Drive to select a new bike for the victim, they spoke with the store’s managers. Upon hearing about the victim’s story, managers at the store decided to donate a new bike to the man, according to police.

Using the money initially collected to purchase the bike, officers then bought several accessories for the bike, including a helmet, a tire pump, light and a new lock, police said.

Friday evening, officers and Target employees presented the new bike to the man.

Police said although the department isn’t able to help everyone who’s had their bike stolen, the efforts taken by the officers, as well as Target employees, was just an example of the community stepping up to help brighten one man’s day.