FAIRFIELD, Calif. (BCN) — Someone is impersonating Fairfield police officers.

A Fairfield Police Department spokesperson said Friday the department is aware that an individual has been calling Fairfield residents and impersonating an officer. The call appears to come from (707) 428-7300 — the police’s department main phone number.

Police said Friday the individual, a man, is likely using an app to “spoof” the agency’s number as part of a scam. “Spoofing” makes it appear as though someone is calling from a local number when they are not.

Fairfield residents contacted report that the man claims to be conducting an investigation and, when leaving a voicemail, requests an “urgent call back” to a completely different number. The number currently being provided by the scammer is (909) 236-7292, but that number may change.

A criminal investigation is currently underway of these incidents. Meanwhile, police said if anyone receives an unexpected call from someone purporting to be a Fairfield police officer, immediately terminate the call and phone dispatch directly at (707) 428-7300 to confirm whether you have indeed been contacted by one of our officers.

Police advise the public to never share any sensitive, personally identifiable information over the phone. That includes information such as birthdate, street address, driver’s license, credit/debit card numbers or social security number.

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Police added scams of this nature typically result in the caller requesting money or payment in a non-traditional manner, such as gift cards. Police advise to never send payment of any kind unless the identity is confirmed with whom one is speaking with and are certain of the money’s destination.

Anyone who may receive a call of this nature or has information regarding this scam is asked to contact police dispatch or Det. Matthew Reyna.

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