(WFLA) – Police are advising shoppers to take a simple extra step that could save your life.

The next time you’re hauling a cart around the store, be sure to wipe down the handles first.

One police department is recommending this to the public, but it’s not because of germs reason we’re all thinking.

They say if you skip using a wipe, that can usually be found at the front of most stores, it could be deadly.

The department said drugs such as fentanyl or a similar substance can enter into your system from contact with your hands.

Exposure to fentanyl can be extremely dangerous, especially for children. Earlier this year a 10-year-old Miami boy died after coming into contact with the drug.

The advice comes from the Leachville Police Department’s Facebook page.

Other drug task force leaders around the country have weighed in after seeing this story and said the chances of this happening are very slim, but why take the chance?

Grab a wipe and at least stay healthy.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: