How police responded differently to U.S. Capitol attack vs. BLM protests


(KRON) – The eruption of violence at the U.S. Capitol today is prompting criticism among many groups, especially those involved in the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The very first thing I posted on social media was ‘If those were Black folks…’ blood would have been shed, flashbangs,” said Executive Director Justice teams network Cat Brooks.

Brooks is concerned with how the scenes of angry mobs storming the Capitol were not met with a forceful pushback from the police.

“It reinforces the narrative that America doesn’t have a police problem. It has a race problem. It doesn’t fall all on Trump, but every single person that allowed the protesters inside the building that didn’t demand those folks to be removed, that they allowed to run amok and endanger lives like that.”

Activists like Brooks and others are pointing to this vivid scene over the Summer when President Trump walked from the White House to St. Johns Church to take a photo. Tear gas and chemicals unleashed on peaceful protesters gathered to speak out about the killing of George Floyd.

In Portland, President Trump ordered the National Guard to push back on protesters gathered speaking out about Floyd as well other cases of police brutality.

Yet on Wednesday, it was a radically different scene.

Hours went by as protesters stormed Congress – some armed with guns.

Brooks says the Black Lives Matter movement has never been about aggression like what we saw on display in D.C.

In a statement released early in the day, the president of the NAACP wrote, “We must not allow President Trump to continue to place our nation in peril. The NAACP calls for President Trump’s impeachment so that he will never again be able to harm our beloved country and more importantly, its people.”

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