SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – It’s the first weekend of Pride events, and a first of its kind in San Francisco’s Japantown. Normally you would see the San Francisco flag up there waving in the wind here in Japantown. Now it’s temporarily down. Making way for the Pride flag for the first time ever.

The Pride flag will be flown in San Francisco’s Japantown Peace Plaza until June 6th to celebrate Queer and Trans Asian Pacific Islander Week and Pride month. District Five Supervisor Dean Preston spoke at the event Saturday afternoon, “This flag is really more than just a symbol. it stands as a testament to how we continue to be a city where all kinds of folks can seek refuge and seek a home.”

Celebrations included performers front and center. District Eight Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, the board’s only LGBTQ member, said, “We’re so good in san francisco and recognizing that our queer history is not just the castro it’s not just a particular community it’s everywhere.”

Religious leaders in the Japanese community showed their support. The event was put on by the Papantown Rainbow Coalition, organizers hope to make this an annual Pride celebration.

Elena Harumi Nielsen, membership coordinator of Japanese cultural and community center says, “Having an event like this brings us all together and reminds us that LGBTQ+ are everywhere in every community and deserve to be highlighted in every community especially the ones that we love like Japantown.” There will be more Pride events here in Japantown and across the Bay Area through the end of the month.