Protesters are pushed out of San Francisco City Hall, leaving one detained


SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — Dozens of protesters stormed San Francisco City Hall this afternoon, refusing to leave until they had spoken to Mayor Ed Lee following the hospitalization of five people who had been on a hunger strike for 16 days outside the Mission Police Station.

Outside the mayor’s office, the protesters demanded that the mayor fire police Chief Greg Suhr in response to recent fatal shootings of black and Latino men, including Alex Nieto, Mario Woods, Amilcar Perez Lopez and Luis Gongora.

The five hunger strikers, also known as the Frisco Five, had been posted outside the Mission Police Station for more than two weeks. The five were hospitalized today around noon, after doctors monitoring the group determined that their health was at risk if they continued the hunger strike, according to Max LeYoung, a spokesman for the hunger strikers.

The five, however, plan to continue to continue their hunger strike while in the hospital, according the Frisco500, a group supporting the hunger strikers.

Although the Mayor never showed up at his office, the protesters refused to leave.

When sheriff’s deputies closed the doors to the building at around 5 p.m., the protesters instead moved the protest to the main entrance inside city hall. Some sat in the doorways of the main entrance, in order to let more protesters inside, refusing to move from their spot, even as deputies stood guard at the doors.

During the frenzy to let more protesters inside the building, at least one person was detained.

By the evening, about 200 protesters had arrived at the location, as some lined up against a group of sheriff’s deputies dressed in riot gear.

“This movement is not about confrontation with the police. We are not holding this line because we are at war with them, we are holding this line because they are at war with us,” protester and organizer Nanci Armstrong said.

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