ALAMEDA, CO., Calif. KRON) — There was more fallout Wednesday to a revelation that 47 of Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies failed their psych evaluations and were found unsuitable to serve.

The sheriff’s office had said the deputies will be re-instated once they take the test again, but dozens of community advocates are demanding the sheriff’s office keep those deputies off the force.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office told KRON4 that 12 of the deputies have taken the test again, passed and returned to full duty. Dozens of community members spent their morning protesting against the re-hires and demanding more transparency.

They gathered outside the sheriff’s office Wednesday morning, loudly chanting and using a bullhorn to call on Sheriff Greg Ahern not to re-hire the 47 deputies who were stripped of their duties last month. It happened after an audit determined they failed their psychological evaluation before they were hired.

“I looked into that psych exam, and it measures basic things like integrity, honesty, temperament, racial bias. It is absolutely horrific that the sheriff’s office knew about this and basically turned a blind eye,” said Jose Bernal, Organizing Director, Ella Baker Center.

The group consisted of people from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, the Urban Peace Movement and the Anti-Police Terror Project among others. They wrote a letter of demands to Sheriff Ahern.

“We need to know those names so we can know who those officers are arresting and testifying against and putting in that jail.”13:09:00″So we can know whether they are the people who suffocated people to death in Santa Rita Jail. Who used hog ties and spit hoods and other uses of force that are unconsciousable to begin with but certainly shouldn’t be used by people who don’t have the authority or capacity to use those items,” said Emily Rose Johns, National Lawyers Guild.

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In addition to publicly releasing the deputies’ names, they want an investigation into each of them, all cases resulting from their work to be dismissed, for the sheriff to apologize, and to audit all staff that hasn’t already been audited.

“When I do the math about how many families that these sheriff deputies have affected, how many scandals this particular administration has been a part of and tried to cover up it sounds to me like this should be a larger investigation,” said Adonte Pointer.

The protesters tried to hand-deliver the letter to Sheriff Ahern but were kept in the lobby and had to leave the letter there. A lieutenant at the sheriff’s office told KRON4 they will have a bigger update regarding the 47 deputies and the retesting process later this week.