Pumpkin farmers able to grow pot if passed after election


Pumpkin farming is popular this time of year, but one pumpkin farmer in Half Moon Bay wants to be able to provide you with more than just a pumpkin.

Orange, yellow and red are all the colors of fall, but after the elections next week, John Muller of Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm is hoping to see more green.

“And the community will vote on whether we would be permissible to grow clone cannabis plants,” Muller said. 

Measure GG would allow farmers to grow marijuana on their farms, and farmer John says it would allow him and other farmers to make more money.

“There’s a couple of small farmers that are still possibly are looking for an alternative crop that could be a little more profitable to help them continue to keep agriculture an open space going,” Muller said.

But not all farmers are on board.

Dawn Dillman and her husband own Andreotti Family Farm which is right next to Farmer John’s Pumpkin Patch.

While the Dillman’s aren’t against marijuana, they don’t think farmers should be allowed to grow it.

“Our airable land in our country is shrinking and there are just more and more people every day. And we as a society should be super concerned with protecting the land that we grow food on,” Dillman said.

Muller’s reasoning is a little more personal – for him it has more to do with keeping his home and family close by.

“We can’t sell the farm, and we want to keep the family together. Right now we are thinking very positive. We’re going to be there till we move to the big pumpkin in the sky,” Muller said.

While Muller sees it as a profitable move, Dillman sees it differently.

“Protect farmland for growing food. I think that’s more important than growing drugs,” Dillman said.



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