SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – 115,000 rail workers could go on strike this Friday — which would not only affect train passengers in the south bay but also could cause countrywide food shortages and impact the economy.

Here locally that impact includes suspending Caltrain service between Gilroy and the capitol station in San Jose.

The Gilroy segment is served by three trains each morning and evening. 

Other Caltrain service north from Tamien station will be unaffected.

Caltrain advises riders who use the stations between capitol and Gilroy to plan alternative transportation starting Friday.

Caltrain is working with the Silicon Valley Transportation Authority on potentially offering bus bridges. More will be announced in the coming days.

Friday’s strike could happen if an agreement isn’t reached between the unions and the railroads, and pressure is mounting to do so because this has the potential to be extremely detrimental to our economy.

The Association of American Railroads states that the strike could have a $2 billion negative impact on the economy per day​. 

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Freight rails also carry about one-fifth of the country’s grain supply so the strike could shutdown the supply chain, causing empty shelves at the store. 

Congress has the power to step in and block the strike, so that’s a possibility, but the unions could also strike a deal before Friday.