Verified: How you can get a blue checkmark on your Bay Area home

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – What started out as a social media stunt turned into the real deal.

You know that blue check mark for verified Twitter accounts?

You can now get it for your home!

In an exclusive interview with KRON4, Bay Area artist Danielle Baskin talks about her viral tweet that is now a serious project.

Baskin posted about “Blue Check Homes” back in January.

It’s a verified badge crest service that would let people outside know there’s an authentic public figure living inside.

Danielle Baskin Twitter

Baskin says the idea came to her spontaneously when she was walking around San Francisco.

“I was actually wondering what the symbols on existing crests are. There are lots of Victorian homes in the Bay Area that have shields with marks on them, diagonal lines. And I posted on Twitter asking if anyone knew what those symbols meant. “

After consulting the internet, Baskin says someone replied that the symbols are blue checkmarks before Twitter, so she decided to make a modern-day equivalent crest.

She’s now working with a team of 40 people conducting interviews with applicants.

“We’re trying to give this to the person we think will really find it magical and special in their life. We’re not going based on follower accounts.”

Baskin says over 700 people have applied, and she’ll announce the winner in April.

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