(NEXSTAR) – There’s something unusual about the listing for 3695 Primrose Rd. in South Lake Tahoe, California.

The listing photos show that the $650,000 home is full of impeccably dressed mannequins.

“I walked in there blindly and did a little jump because I thought they were real people,” said listing agent Jesse Yohnka.

The mannequins belong to the home’s current tenant, who works in the fashion industry.

“They’re just tools of the trade,” Yohnka said, adding that “you never really get used to it.”

The home has plenty going for it beyond its plastic tenants. The upstairs unit is three-bedrooms, two-bathrooms and includes a large attic, while the downstairs unit is two-bedroom one-bathroom with a single-car garage.

Yohnka said he estimates that the house needs bout $50,000 in work, including a new roof, but even with renovations, the home is a decent deal for the area. The median home price in South Lake Tahoe, according to Zillow, is $536,000.

3695 Primrose Rd. is centrally located to South Lake Tahoe. It’s walking distance to the only movie theatre in town, the casinos and plenty of restaurants. Plus, for skiers, the house is a short walk to the chairlift.

The mannequins are not included in the mortgage.