(KRON) — Gas prices may be high, but that isn’t stopping Americans from making travel plans for the upcoming Fourth of July, according to a survey conducted by The Vacationer.

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According to The Vacationer, more than 55%, or 143 million American adults plan to travel for the Fourth of July, which is an 8% increase from their 2021 survey results. The Vacationer surveyed 1,030 people to learn more about their Fourth of July travel plans amidst sky-high travel prices.

Though we are currently seeing record-high gas prices, more than of 52% of those surveyed said they planned to take a road trip for the Fourth of July. However, 36.99% said that high gas prices are impacting their Fourth of July travel plans because they want to drive, while 13.4% said it’s because they want to fly.

4th of July: Fly or drive?

The survey says that nearly 43% of respondents report their main mode of transportation will be by car, a little more than 9% reported they will fly, and 3.69% say they will take public transportation. And the distance matters, approximately 26.5% of respondents said they would travel within 100 miles of their home. That number gets lower as the distance grows, only 13.88% of those surveyed said they would travel within 250 miles of their home for the Fourth of July.

The survey also dove into what plans folks have for the Fourth of July weekend. Most respondents said they would be participating in a barbecue or cookout, approximately 41.07%. The next most popular response came at no surprise, it was fireworks at 30%.