SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — The Santa Rosa Police Department announced via a press release that they recovered a replica handgun from a minor Friday evening.

According to the Nixle release, around 7:35p.m. officers with the Santa Rosa Police Department’s Special Enforcement Team (SET) came across a group of children in the 2600 block of Coffey Lane. Officers reported that the adolescents were between 12-13 years of age, and officers also stated the children were smoking marijuana in the apartment complex’s laundry room.

As officers made contact with the minors, they noticed one of them was wearing a satchel and tried to hide it. An officer reportedly removed the satchel and found a replica firearm inside.

The children were later released into the custody of their parents, according to police. The parents told police they were unaware that their child had a replica firearm.

The SRPD went on to ask if you could tell the difference between the real gun in this photo and the fake one? SRPD encouraged parents to ensure that any replica, airsoft, or toy guns that children own never look like real guns.

The included photos showcase a real handgun and a replica. Can you tell the difference?

Picture 1: Top is a real gun, bottom is a replica

Picture 2: Gun on right is a real gun, left is a replica