Report: Self-driving cars could cost millions of Americans their jobs


WASHINGTON, D.C. (KRON) — A new report shows self- driving cars could eventually change the way 1-in-9 Americans do their jobs.

The new technology could reshape dozens of industries.

In the heart of the nation’s capital, it seems everyone has somewhere to be.

At Union Station, there’s always someone to take you there.

But eventually, vehicles might not need anyone behind the wheel, and a new commerce department report shows self-driving cars could cost millions of Americans their jobs.

The commerce department says 3.8 million Americans drive taxis, buses, trucks, or other vehicles for a living. Nearly 12 million more workers drive as part of their jobs–think postal workers or police officers.

Michigan congressman Tim Walberg (R-Michigan) has been leading the effort to craft federal regulations for self-driving vehicles.

He says the technology will be commonplace sooner than people may think.

“If you look back at the technology advancements in our social media, with tech advancements that allow us to use cell phones in ways we never thought we could before, in such rapid advancement, this is going to happen, so let’s do it well,” Walberg said.

Jung Cho has been driving with Uber for eight months.

He says he knows technology could replace his current job.

“No matter what you think about, or complain about it, what’s going to happen is going to happen,” Cho said.

Cho is driving for Uber to pay for college.

He says he wants to be ready for anything, and he’s urging other drivers to have a backup plan.

“Better to be prepared for that than just waiting to see what’s going to happen,” Cho said.

The report did not look at what jobs self-driving cars could eventually create, but some people argue they could open the door to new industries we haven’t even thought of yet.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON:


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