CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) — Residents in one Castro Valley neighborhood said they need help from their county’s public works department because they are concerned rain will bring huge eucalyptus trees on their homes.

There is a wall of massive eucalyptus trees towering over homes on both Madison Avenue and Sandy Street. During one of the recent storms, one tree came down on Heather Gonzalez’s home.

She and her children were not injured, but her husband was not so lucky. “We were on separate sides of the house. He stayed in the living room watching the Raiders game. He luckily was alone. Our children were not around when it happened to him,” said Gonzalez.

Her husband remains hospitalized as a result of his injuries. Since the incident, neighbors are concerned that the creek behind their homes is compromising the soil underneath the trees and may bring more trees down as the rain continues.

“We want the whole creek to be inspected. We want all of the trees to be looked at,” said Bonnie Frisvold, concerned more trees will fall.

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Some Castro Valley residents want the Alameda County Public Works Department to take a look at the situation. They started a petition to accomplish that goal.

The Alameda County Public Works Department deputy director sent KRON4 the following statement:

If residents do not wish these trees to be on their properties, they should consult with tree removal contractors and take appropriate actions. We understand that the recent and unprecedented natural disaster has caused damage throughout the state. Many of our roads and flood control facilities were impacted. We are working on repairs from this extraordinary event that are within our jurisdiction.