Retailers use ‘secret score’ that may affect customer service received


Could the customer service you are receiving be affected by a secret score only retailers have access to?

According to a new report, there is a good chance that is happening.

If you have a bank account, cell phone or you are a frequent online shopper, you have got at least one of these scores and it could be affecting everything.

This goes from how likely you are to get a seat upgrade on an airline to how long you are on hold to get customer service.

It is called the ‘Customer Lifetime Value Score’ and it is just another way “big data” has to influence our daily lives.

Consumer finance expert Erica Sandberg stopped by to speak to KRON4. 

Sandberg says that this began in the mid-1980’s, before the internet.

She says that this is for the retailer to market to you.

Sandberg also says that they are now tapping into social media to see if people are complaining, which could actually make your score go down. 



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