RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — Richmond is dealing with a vandalism problem at its elementary schools.

Three schools were broken into and damaged over the weekend, and a fourth school was vandalized last weekend. Lincoln Elementary School is where the vandals did the most damage.

“Every hallway in Lincoln Elementary School looks like this. Supplies pushed over, but when you walk through the door of a classroom, you really understand the extent of the damage,” said Lt. Matt Stonebreaker, Richmond Police Department.

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Lt. Stonebreaker said he was most surprised to see that every single classroom on two floors was rummaged through and damaged. “The upstairs they had the computer screens that were on a push dolly that was pushed down the stairway,” said Stonebreaker.

According to the Richmond Police Department, Lincoln Elementary, Richmond Charter Academy, and Nystrom Elementary were all broken into over the weekend. This comes just one week after Greenwood Academy was vandalized.

“Very low blow. It’s unfortunate for the whole community to have to have all of their schools vandalized like this,” said Stonebreaker.

Lt. Stonebreaker said the alarms in the building did not go off, but that security cameras were rolling at the time of the break-ins. “We believe they are in their teens, and we believe they are local, but we aren’t exactly sure who they are just yet,” said Stonebreaker.

Crews were busy Monday cleaning up and repairing the damages. “It’s completely heartbreaking to see the extent of the damages,” said Ryan Phillips, West Contra Costa Unified School District.

Phillips said he is not sure how much it will cost but the district’s goal is to have all buildings ready by the first day of school on August 16. “We’re already facing extreme budget constraints and to have to direct resources to something like this is very unfortunate,” said Phillips.

While students are still off for summer vacation, investigators and school officials are trying to evaluate the extent of the damages that happened sometime between Friday and Sunday night. “It’s hard to understand what would motivate someone to come in and destroy a school like this,” said Phillips.

Anyone who witnessed the vandalisms take place, are asked to reach out to the Richmond Police Department to help with their investigation.