Road rage incident involving box cutter ends with man getting run over


BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CNN Newsource) – Dramatic video shows a road rage incident playing out in broad daylight in Brooklyn, New York.

The victim had just started driving for Uber and says he fought back because he thought the attacker was going to steal his car.

Now he’s lucky he made it out alive.

The video shows air jabs with a box cutter as two men go at it on the side of the road in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The video looks like something out of a movie, but the victim’s body proves this violence was all too real.

“Some hand injuries, elbow bruises right there. I have hip injuries,” the victim said.

The victim, who didn’t want to show his face or give his name, says he was driving down McGuinnes Boulevard near Norman Avenue around 1:30 p.m. when a reckless driver tried to cut in front of him and they got stopped at a red light…

“He got out of his car, started blaming me and taking swings at me, so I defended myself and he went back to his car, got a knife, started swinging it at me, and I was trying to not get cut,” the victim said.

After a few minutes, the suspect steals the victim’s keys and then takes off in his own car, pinning the victim between two vehicles and sending his shoes flying into the air.

“I mean I didn’t know he was going to hit the gas. I knew it was a dangerous thing to hang onto a car but I was obviously trying to not get the car taken,” the victim said.

Police say it’s a miracle the victim isn’t more seriously hurt.

Now they’re looking for the driver of the white Hyundai with Florida license plates.

The victim says he hopes police find the man before he does.

“I hope I don’t see him because I’m still really mad. My neck could be cut open or I could be squished underneath a car,” he said.

Despite his best attempts, the victim says the suspect did get away with his keys.

His car was towed and he’s still waiting to get it back.



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