RV’s towed out of Concord neighborhood leaves 2 with no home


CONCORD (KRON) — Cell phone video shows a man appearing to be upset and Concord Police officers standing by.

The incident happened around noon on Thursday.

Keri Gerosolimo was on her way home from work and filmed the exchange on her iPhone.

She said the man, named Christian, owns the RV that was about to get towed on camera.

Apparently at least two large RV’s were parked day after day on Flamingo Drive next to the Shell gas station, making it hard for residents to drive into the neighborhood.

“It’s almost become a parking lot on both sides of Flamingo,” she said.

Gerosolimo said she understands why the vehicles were towed, but feels bad for the people living in them who are now back on the streets.

“He ultimately now has no where to live and he started hysterically crying,” she said. “I just feel like people don’t always end up this way because they want to. There always seems to be a story behind it.”

Gerosolimo said the man parked here to be closer to his mother who is dying of cancer.

He had to gather his belongings from his RV before it got towed.

Little remains at the scene where the RV was towed now.

Gerosolimo said a woman lived in the other RV that was towed — neither have the funds to get their vehicles back from impound.

She hopes the city will find the right places to park them.

“Unfortunately this area has a lot of homeless people. There’s a lot on that park area, there’s a lot under the bridges,” Georsolimo said. “You know we see them a lot over at 7-Eleven here, unfortunately it’s a big issue.”>

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