SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — San Diego County supervisors are threatening to fine people $1,000 for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions.

As of midnight, the county will enact even tougher rules limiting access to public places. Beach and coastline parking will be prohibited.

The new rules will also force the use of protective masks in businesses that are still in operation. Employees at gas stations, pharmacies, markets, stores, take-out places and many other establishments where employees come in contact with the public have to wear masks.

The general public is also being urged to wear protective masks in public but are not mandated to do so.

The County of San Diego is suggesting people also try bandanas and scarves to cover their faces since these items can be washed and used again.

April is being called “a critical month” for San Diego County by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

“We absolutely and unequivocally believe that the month of April is the month that will determine our trajectory as a region,” said Fletcher.

San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher is urging San Diegans to continue with social distancing, staying indoors and hand washing. The County of San Diego is threatening to issue citations of $1,000 to people who don’t comply with COVID-19 restrictions.

Fletcher said the month of April will show whether San Diego turns out to be an “Italy or New York.” He is urging people to continue with social distancing, staying indoors and hand-washing.